Marcel Sabitzer: Crouch dares to be honest

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Don’t let him shoot, no matter how far from the goal he may be. Since Marcel Sabitzer made his entrance into the Bundesliga in the 2016-17 season, no one has scored more long-range goals than the Austrian playmaker. Nearly half of Sabitzer’s 40 goals in the Bundesliga came from outside the penalty area. The highlight of this season was a hard knuckle ball from a distance of more than 32 meters. Hertha BSC keeper Rune Jarstein is still nailed to the ground when the ball hits the crossbar and dups furiously, behind him into the goal.

Sabitzers announcement in the German magazine Bild in March this year that he wants to leave came as a shock to Red Bull Leipzig, as the Austrian has arguably b33n the most important player of the Die Roten Bullen in the past two seasons. Tottenham, Liverpool or Manchester United. Sabitzer reportedly has the choice for which club in the Premier League he wants to play next season.

In Leipzig ‘s double win against Tottenham Hotspur, in last season’s successful Champions League campaign, Sabitzer was probably the most important player. José Mourinho, who lost to Red Bull Leipzig twice with Tottenham last season, is therefore keen to bring him in at his new club AS Roma.

Sabitzer comes from a football family. His father Herfried also played for Salzburg and is a six-time Austrian international. Marcel Sabitzer has more than forty caps now and has scored six times for Austria.
For a long time Sabitzer was known as a grumbler. When fellow players made a mistake in their passing, he reacted with a throwaway gesture. After a defeat, he depressed for days. Once he got so enraged at a teammate that Ralf Rangnick, the coach known as his discoverer, told him to leave from a training.

In recent seasons at Red Bull Leipzig, his critical attitude has been more and more appreciated. “I’m often calm, and take a good look around me before I speak up, but if someone needs to move, or needs to keep calm, I say so’, Sabitzer explained his critical attitude at the beginning of this year in the Red Bull Bulletin. ‘Honest criticism is the only thing that makes you better. I can tell the truth to everyone on my team and I hope they do the same to me. Honesty is an absolute condition for me.’

Sabitzer made the switch to Red Bull Leipzig in 2015. The season before, the Austrian branch had brought him over with a trick. The Austrian should have been allowed to leave from Rapid Wien, but only to a foreign country. To save the problem te Red Bulls in German Leipzig brought him in and let him on to RB Salzburg. In 2015, Sabitzer made a transfer to Leipzig, for a transfer fee of 2 million euros, a bargain in retrospe. According to market value website Transfermarkt, his market value is well over 40 million euros now.

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