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Diego Maradona could juggle with anything he chose to. Before a friendly game of world stars, World Cup ’82 topscorer Gary Linneker once sat in the dressing room with him. Sitting on a bench, the Argentinian was juggling effortlessly with a ball of rolled-up socks. Linneker, Michel Platini and other world stars watched in admiration. Then Maradona took a ball and juggled with it, out of the dressing room to the center circle of Wembley, where the world stars had come together to play a friendly game.

He shot the ball up as far as he could and stood waiting with his arms folded for it to come back. And then again, bang the ball goes up. And again: bang. Maradona shoots the ball to the clouds thirteen times. Bam, wait. Bam, wait. In between, he doesn’t have to take more than three steps to send the ball sky high again. “We tried it all the next training,” says Linneker. “We didn’t manage more than three times. And we all had to run to hit the ball again. ”

Stats and Stories on Mardona

Four years before Argentina won the quarter finals of the World Cup against England on June 22, 1986, it lost the battle for the Falkland Islands: 649 Argentines and 228 Englishmen were killed. The Argentines understood all too well that Maradona would do anything to win and so his hands goal against England was perhaps his best goal ever and not his fabulous dribble shortly afterwards. The whole world sees that Maradona has scored with his hand, except for the referee. Maranna jubilantly walks to his fellow players and shouts: Callate la boca y sigue animando: Shut up and keep cheering. Almost ten years later, Maradona finally admittedthat he had scored a hand goal, but he never apologized or asked for forgivenessfor it. Instead he remarked that the referee, the linesman and even England keeper Peter Shilton had not noticed his clever cheat. In the German biography D10S, his teammate Jorge Valdano said that Maradona trained on the sneaky hands goals. When Valdano took corners Maradona would score this way and try to not get noticed by team mates.Maradona, In keeping with style, Maradonna also holds an important World Cup record for the crook in addition to the record of best dribbler. In the tournaments he competed in, he conceded seven free kicks for hands, more than any other player ever at world championships. The Hand of God goal did not come out of the blue.

3. Maradona’s curly grove varies in size over the years, but often it’s as if he’s donned a huge black wool cap. It is like a place where he can still somewhat hide from the light of the cameras. Off the field, Maradona was harassed all his life by journalists and cameras, but even inside the field no one was ever willing to give him space.

In the 1986 World Cup, Maradona dribbled past an opponent 53 times, an average of 8 times per game. No player has ever made so many successful dribbles at a world championship. In their unsuccessful efforts to contain him, opponents committed 152 fouls against him during the four world championships he competed in (“82,” 86, “90, and” 94). That is a foul in every 12 minutes and 46 seconds and more than twice as many as were ever committed at world championships against any other player (Jairzinho with 64). With the number of fouls committed against a player, Maradona is number 1, 2 and 3 on the list of the most fouls ever in the world championships ever in the World Cups of 1986 (54), 1982 and 1990 respectively.

4. When Maradona starts playing for Napoli in 1987 this is not an immediate succes. Before the club can start winning, he has to adapt to elbows and flying tackles. The Serie A was of a different speed and a different hardness, he says in the documentary by Asif Kapadia. I had to find a balance. If I had gone to space and she would have avoided the tackles, my team would have been of no use to me. And if I had looked them up at high speed, my technique would not have worked.

I had to find a balance and that was not easy. Maradona’s statement about the toughness of the Italian league is remarkable, as he had already played in Spain for a few years and was dealt with very hard there too. In fact, the Spaniards have gone way over the line. In his biography, Maradona says that during the match against Atletic de Bilbao on September 24, 1983, he heard the sound of a plank breaking in half. It’s the sound of his ankle shattering. The culprit is Goikoetxea, the butcher of Bilbao, a defender who previously destroyed the careers of famous footballers. He still keeps the football boot with which he did that in a display case in his house. Not because he is proud of what he has done, but because he would score a goal in a European cup match with those same shoes in that for him also terrible week. For him it is a strong reminder of the peaks and valleys of football. Two screws go into his ankle. The moment when the screws are removed for a few months was also filmed. The first comes out rotating, with a screwdriver, the second only upright and with the force of a pair of pliers. When he has just recovered, Barcelona will play against Atletic Bilbao again in 1984, it is the Copa del Rey final and they kick him on all sides again. Maradona loses control. He cuts in on opponents and supporters with flying karate crunches. After two years of playing in Serie A, Maradona finds his balance. In the champion years you see him endlessly dribbling again, like a tumbler figure slalom between defenders, each defender again and again a fraction of a second too fast. Napoli starts to win games against the big teams from the north. But, says Maradona: non basta battaere Milan i Juventus dobbiamo battere tutti: it is not enough to beat AC Milan and Juventus. We have to beat everyone.

5. Maradona made Naples proud. “Naples was a city that people drove through, anxiously holding their wallets,” wrote former Italy correspondent Ed Vulliamy, in the Gurdian. “And mostly in vain.” When Napoli had to play in the north at the big rich clubs such as AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus, players and fans were taunted and insulted. “Here come the Neapolitans, what a stench. Even the dogs run away. Cholerati (cholera leaders), Terremottati (earthquake losers). As a child of the slums, Maradona can empathize with the hatred of the rich: Juve screwed up, teaching his daughter to sing when she is two. And then: “Fuck AC Milan.” When the successes come, the hard core of Napoli (CurvaB) can answer the discriminatory chants with sunnier answers: “Mommy, why does my heart beat so fast. Because I’ve seen Mardadona. I’m in love.’ That succeeds in the 1986/87 season. The streets of Naples fill with cluttered honking fiats in which the flag-waving Neapolitans with Maradona wigs literally go out of their way. It was said to have been a celebration for two months. “This is the best moment of my life,” Maradona told a reporter. But what about the 1986 World Championship? That was not at the bottom of my own country Argentina, says Maradona. That opportunity was taken away from me in 1978. That is why this title is more beautiful. Jumping around in underpants and soaking wet from champagne, the players celebrate the Napoli championship party. They sing again: I’ve seen Maradona and I’m in love. Maradona does not go into his underwear. He keeps his sports shorts on and interviews his fellow players,

6. Eleven children According to his biographer Guilem Balague, it is an open secret that Maradona has at least eleven children. His marriage to Claudia Villafañe ended in court in 2004. During that procedure, he recognizes at least one of his sons: Diego Cristina Sinagra. This boy becomes a creditable beach soccer player and manages to meet his father for the first time by secretly entering an Italian golf club. What seems? After Maradona has been chosen as the best, FIFA decides to hold its own election, in which football journalists and officials can choose the best. Predominantly young people would have voted via the internet and that would have made the election of Maradona unfair. Maradona reacts angrily and incensed and calls FIFA corrupt. The reaction of a bad loser, but with all the revelations about corruption in the years that followed, he was somewhat right.

7. Was Maradona the best? In 2000 he received the trophy from the world football organization FIFA. He has been voted the best football player of the century. More than half of the votes cast go to him, Platini and Pelé sit in the stands and clap for him. But hey, what happens and then? Now Pelé appears on stage and is presented with a trophy. The trophy, it seems, because he has been awarded the last honor. The camera films an empty spot in the gallery. “I wanted to get Maradona, says Pelé, but he’s already gone.

7. Vliegende tackles

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