Edgar Davids: Happily plating next to Zidane

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Becoming a professional football player, was not easy for Edgar Davids. As a boy, he attended the open days for young players at the club for three times, according to a story in the Ductch daily Algemeen Dagbladin 2002. He was rejected time and agin. Finally, when his club Schellingwoude played against the Ajax Youth he finally caught the eye of the Ajax scouts. Davids was allowed to start at Ajax for the highest team Under 16, but was soon sent back to the a lower team, because he supposedly was not good enouh

With his friend Zinedine Zidane, Edgar Davids experienced his heyday at Juventus. A computer analysis of Prozone showed that 90 percent of David’s passes went to the Frenchman at the time. ‘Referees need to better protect Zidane and other big players,’ Davids told the Dutch daily Dagblad van het Noorden. ‘During the game, I see a lot of nasty fouls against him. The opponents want to provoke him and they eventually get him to lose control. ‘

The legendary Fiat and Juventus patriarch Gianni Agnelli was a great admirer of the Dutchman. He nicknamed him ‘The Bespectacled Warrior’. After Zidane left for Real Madrid in 2001, Davids had a hard time at Juventus, where he had played together with him since 1997. In 2004 he was finally allowed to leave for Barcelona. The next season at the club, he won the Spanish championship.


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